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Award in Leading People at the Workplace

04 October 2022 - 9 May 2023


The Malta Employers' Association and New Horizons (Institute for Work Competencies) are collaborating whereby New Horizons (Institute for Work Competencies) is awarding an Award in Leading People at the Workplace, starting in October 2022.

Organisations today face the challenge of increasing competition coupled with increasingly demanding and knowledgeable customers. Delivering outstanding levels of customer service depends on the quality of the product produced and the competence of front line workers and the leaders who manage them. Operational pressures, coupled with scheduling and sometimes budgetary constraints, often mean that several months may pass before the critical persons in management positions receive any focused management training. In case of newly promoted persons, they are often needed to start work yesterday and again training is put on the back burner.

Aware of this reality, this programme focuses on the essential skills and competencies needed for effective leadership by line managers and supervisors at work.

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For more information, please contact:

Dorianne Azzopardi Cilia

Malta Employers Association

Tel: (+356) 21 237585, 21 222992

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