Jonathan Dingli

Jonathan Dingli

Jonathan Dingli, Partner, Advisory Services, KPMG in Malta

Jonathan leads a team of professionals within the Accounting Advisory Services (AAS) Team at KPMG in Malta. At KPMG, Jonathan has assisted various clients, both local and international with respect to IFRS advice and IFRS adoption. He was responsible for advising a multi-national group of over 150 subsidiaries in its adoption of IFRS and the preparation of the group’s first IFRS consolidated financial statements. Before returning to KPMG, Jonathan set up the Malta Institute of Accountants’ Technical Department which he led for seven years. During his term of office Jonathan wrote a number of technical pronouncements on the application of IFRS to specific local circumstances, was responsible for the drafting of GAPSE (an accounting standard for Maltese SMEs), and he also represented the Institute on local and international fora. Before joining the Institute, Jonathan also worked for a number of years with KPMG in Malta and in Dublin during which he was assigned on a number of audits of high level clients both locally and overseas. Jonathan was the editor of the MIA journal the Accountant for seven years. Jonathan has been specialising in IFRS since 2008; he has lectured on IFRS in various countries, ran various IFRS courses for KPMG and the Malta Institute of Accountants and has given presentations at various events and conferences. He lectures on advanced financial reporting in the Master in Accountancy post-graduate degree at the University of Malta.

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