John Bonello

John Bonello

John graduated as Doctor of Laws (LL.D.) from the University of Malta in 2005, after completing a critical analysis on public procurement in Malta for his dissertation.

He went on to achieve a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Maritime Law from the IMO International Maritime Law Institute.

John was admitted to the Maltese Bar in 2006. On invitation of the US Embassy in Malta, he completed an International Visitor Leadership Programme in the USA, organised by the US Department of State in 2010.

His involvement in cross-border family disputes led to him being elected Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers in 2018. He is member of the Investment Migration Council; the worldwide association of professionals dealing with investment migration. John served as an Adjudicator on Malta’s Small Claims Tribunal and is a former Board Secretary of the Malta Resources Authority and the Lands Authority.

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