Inter-Cultural Counselling & Competence Development Ltd

Inter-Cultural Counselling & Competence Development Ltd

Drawing on over 30 years of experience that can help you seamlessly interact with others in an ever changing globalized world.

ICC Intercultural Consultancy & Training is operated by the Maltese service providing company ICC Inter-Cultural Counselling & Competence Development Ltd (ICCCD Ltd). 

The company is registered with the Malta Financial Service Authority (MFSA), registration number C94195 and was founded by Maria-Gabriele Doublesin, a Intercultural Community Counsellor, Competence Programme Developer and Trainer. 

We aim to enrich our clients’ knowledge base to increase their possibilities and options through

  • strategic engagement
  • individual, institutional and corporate inter-cultural counselling services,
  • intercultural and inter-functional consultancy services,
  • specific skill set development as well as the design and development of CSR based projects.

ICC- Inter-Cultural Counselling & Competence Development stands for delivering high quality products and all services are based on, and carried out with, high ethical professional standards.

Services offered are based on 30 years of  experience of working and living in the Middle East, South America, West Africa and European countries. Combined with academic underpinnings addressing topical issues related to different contextual backgrounds.

Why engage with us?

  • to identify skill and knowledge gaps by examining implications of what the term ‘intercultural comprises’:  intercultural does not only equal ‘dealing with foreigners or people with different ethnicity’ – it refers to dealing with people with different social, cultural, professional and economic contexts
  • to move from ‘vertical’ to ‘horizontal’ by learning to develop modern cross-sector leadership and team working skills
  • to explore how best to bring everybody on board when in a process of change with specific strategic tools and communication tools; e.g. speaking the same language does not mean everybody understands the same.
  • because your intercultural aptitude matters: if you want to stay on top of the game in a highly competitive and increasingly globalized world.
  • because societies & cultures are changing and so are interpersonal interactions: Malta Intercultural Consultancy and Training can help you successfully navigate through these rapid changes in the landscape of cultures and provide you with adequate strategic tools.
  • to help you sustain your competitive advantage we help you explore the make of your personal and professional cornerstones and help you bridge identified gaps


What makes our company different to companies providing similar service?

  • We focus on static and dynamic contextual factors on cognition, motivational drivers of behaviour and action to help you develop the most effective and applicable approach
  • Taking a reflective approach: Before looking at other cultures Intercultural Consultancy and Training is asking you to look first a look at yourself and how you position yourself in this ever changing cultural landscape.

Are you interested in learning about the context and dynamics of your personality and your cultural blueprint? Would you like to learn about social & cultural relativity and how cultures view each other?

Engage with us and upskill your competitive advantage with practical tools that reach beyond traditional multicultural, and cross-cultural theories.

Our customized services and workshops help you upgrade your intercultural aptitude step by step.

Contact us and find out what impact our services and workshops can have on your future interactions.

Past Events

Events | 12 June 2021 - 12 June 2021

Brain-Talk (repeated)

Brain-Talk (repeated)
Events | 09 June 2021 - 09 June 2021


Events | 25 November 2020 - 16 December 2020

Power to Overcome: 4 Skills that Uplift

Power to Overcome: 4 Skills that Uplift

Past Events

Events | 12 June 2021 - 12 June 2021

Brain-Talk (repeated)

Brain-Talk (repeated)
Events | 09 June 2021 - 09 June 2021


Events | 25 November 2020 - 16 December 2020

Power to Overcome: 4 Skills that Uplift

Power to Overcome: 4 Skills that Uplift
Maria-Gabriele Doublesin
Maria-Gabriele Doublesin
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Maria-Gabriele Doublesin

Maria-Gabriele Doublesin

Founder & Director

Executive Profile

Key drivers that drive local and global markets are greatly affected by increasing economic uncertainty and by fast developing areas in the field of modern technology. This needs constant adjustment.

My academic background in psychology and intercultural community counselling with extensive international experience enables me to provide structured professional corporate and personal consultancy which also includes use of analytical tools as well as executive skills development services to foster corporate resilience and to upskill business internal and external interactions. All services offered can be either carried out on site or online.

"Drawing on over 30 years of experience that can help you seamlessly interact with others in an ever-changing globalised world"

Business Activities

  • Intercultural Consultancy & Change Management
  • Executive Masterclasses in Skills Development
  • Local & International Executive Mentoring
  • Lecturer at Malta Leadership Institute
  • Design & Development of CSR Skills Development projects since 2016


  • 1997 to present - Visiting professional to the firm of Prof. Hashem Bahry, Professor of Psychiatry & Neuropsychiatry Al Azhar University
  • 1998 to present - International Executive Mentoring Middle Eastern–American Companies
  • 2013-March 2020 - Psychol. Ass and Senior Counselling Professional Service provider at Corradino Correctional Facilities
  • 1996-1998 - Coordinator, General Executive Committee Peace Centre at University of Eindhoven


  • 2011 - B.Psy (Hons) University of Malta
  • 2013 - M.A. TCouns University of Malta
  • 2013 - M.A. Couns. Psychology, Ed.Psycholoogy, Counselling Education (Community), University of Maryland, College Park


  • 2018 to present - Honorary International Advisor to NWAMI (Networking for World Awareness of Multicultural Integration)
  • Chair NWAMI International Group
  • Past Board Member of Rotary Club La Vallette

Contact Information

Malta (head office)

18 Triq it-Torri tal-Kaptan, Flat 4, San Pawl tat-Targa, NXR2153, Malta

Tel: +356 9970 5686
Website: Visit website

  • Maria-Gabriele Doublesin
  • Director & Founder

  • Direct Tel: +356 9970 5686
  • Email
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