Ian Deguara

Ian Deguara

Ian Deguara, Deputy Commissioner, Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner

Ian Deguara was one of the first employees to join the Office of the Commissioner in December 2002 after successfully completing his studies at the University of Malta, where he obtained a degree in computing and also in management. His first tasks were to assist the Commissioner on capacity building and on the implementation of the new set of rules which introduced fundamental rights to data subjects and imposed obligations on data controllers. At the time, the careful implementation of structured efforts was indeed necessary to bring along as mooth culture change in the manner personal data were processed by both the public and private sectors.

During the years, Ian has acquired a level of expertise in data protection. Currently, he holds the position of Director where his main areas of responsibility include the taking care of general administration matters, investigating complaints relating to both data protection and freedom of information, advising the Commissioner on various local and European data protection issues, conducting on-site inspections and investigations, actively participating in European working groups on data protection and devising the necessary strategies to implement the new data protection legal framework (GDPR) which started to apply on 25th May 2018.

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