Gozo Business Chamber

Gozo Business Chamber

The Gozo Business Chamber was founded by a public deed on the 20th December 1999, to promote the common interests of business operators in Gozo.

The main functions of The Gozo Business Chamber include the:

  • Safeguarding and promotion of the common interests of the members of the Chamber
  • Addressing issues particularly those associated with the regionality and insularity of Gozo, which can hinder the smooth running of business concerns
  • Promotion of commercial opportunities
  • Fostering and enhancing cooperation among members of the Chamber
  • Acting as a mediator between our members and the authorities to find common solutions
  • Representing members during discussions with regional, national and international organisations and authorities
  • Educating its members through information seminars and training organized by the same Chamber and by collaborating with Ministries, regulatory authorities and educational institutions

Membership of the Gozo Business Chamber is open to anyone who operates a business in Gozo or from Gozo. Members are organised under seven sections, each of which is represented on the Chamber’s Council.  The various trade sections are:

  • Importing/Wholesaling/Retailing
  • Manufacturing/Exporting
  • Crafts
  • Financial/Insurance/Legal/Health/Transport & other Professional Services
  • Agriculture/Fishing
  • Construction
  • Tourism

Since its formation the Chamber has already made several representations with the authorities on behalf of its members.  It has also been effective in the international sphere by making various representations on themes which are important for islands taking an active role in INSULEUR (Network of the Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Union), and OTIE (Observatory on Tourism in the European Islands).  This has enabled the GBC to push forward important local issues on the national and European Union agenda.

The Chamber is administrated by a Council that is elected every two years.

Past Events

Events | 05 April 2021 - 05 April 2021

Webinar – The Brexit Impact on Business

Webinar – The Brexit Impact on Business
Events | 05 April 2021 - 05 April 2021

Webinar – Regenerating the Economy

Webinar – Regenerating the Economy
Events | 11 March 2021 - 11 March 2021

Women in Entrepreneurship and Business

Women in Entrepreneurship and Business
Events | 06 November 2020 - 06 November 2020

Youth 4 Entrepreneurship Gozo

Youth 4 Entrepreneurship Gozo
Events | 23 October 2020 - 23 October 2020

Crowdfunding for Blue Economy Projects

Crowdfunding for Blue Economy Projects
Daniel Borg

Daniel Borg


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The Gozo Business Chamber The Brokerage Level 4A, St Marta Street, Victoria VCT 2551 Gozo, MALTA.

Tel: (+356) 21550305
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