Elaine Fenech

Elaine Fenech

Elaine Fenech is a certified social etiquette tutor accredited by the London School of Protocol.

She is also specialised in Business Etiquette and Protocol. Elaine’s career spanning 20 years as a telecoms professional has seen her leading the marketing and branding team of Malta’s foremost telecoms company. Today, as Senior Manager – Business of the same company, she is responsible for the corporate arm of the same company, dealing with the top business customers in Malta. Both her full time job and her passion for the subject of etiquette, especially in business, will provide the audience with the finishing touch in takes to ensure a successful career. She has coached high flying senior management personnel, middle managers, personal assistants and secretaries in dealing with the challenges of today’s business world from an etiquette perspective. Elaine also conducts interesting team building sessions. As Elaine puts it “You can be the most intelligent and clever person but it is your body language, mannerisms and dress sense that make you the person prospective clients, bosses and colleagues, want to be relate to; these aspects make you likeable”.

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