Dr Charlotte Camilleri

Dr Charlotte Camilleri

Dr Charlotte Camilleri, Executive in EU & Legal Affairs, Malta Employers' Association (MEA)

Charlotte Camilleri is a lawyer by profession. Dr Camilleri studied at the University of Malta, Universita’degli Studidi Salerno and at Il Perugino Institute in Italy. She graduated in Doctor of Laws at the University of Malta in December 2005 and was called to the bar in 2006. In December 2010, she obtained a Magister Juris in European and Comparative Law from the University of Malta. Charlotte has for the past 12 years been regularly attending training courses on Labour Laws, Equality and Discrimination in employment at the Academy of EU Law in Trier, Germany. She has been selected, on occasion, as spokesperson for her group in moot cases.

She joined the Malta Employers’ Association (MEA) in February 2006. Her responsibilities at the MEA comprise providing legal advice to MEA members on employment and industrial relations as well as social policy. Furthermore, she assists MEA members in issues relating to the Department for Industrial and Employment Relations and disputes with trade unions. She also assists MEA Members before the Industrial Tribunal when the need arises. She helps MEA Members when negotiating collective agreements and also assists members when conducting disciplinary hearings and taking disciplinary measures. Dr Camilleri was a speaker at both local and international conferences and seminars and has chaired several workshops and panels. She lectures employment law at the Malta Employers’ Association and is a guest lecturer and examiner at the Faculty of Laws within the University of Malta. She also lectures on invitation. Dr Camilleri is Chairperson of the Maternity Leave Fund.

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