Cher V’ Laurenti Engerer

Cher V’ Laurenti Engerer

Cher V’ Laurenti Engerer, Psychologist, Training consultant, Personality and Ability Test Psychometrician & Managing Founder, Polaris Consultancy

Cher is a Psychologist, training consultant and licensed by the BPS as a personality and ability test psychometrician. She has also pursued training in executive coaching and neurofeedback training as well as being a registered supervisor. 

Having spent her early life experience in Australia, as well as having specialised and worked in Dublin, she has a keen ability to assess, profile and work with people from diverse backgrounds. She has over seventeen years’ experience working therapeutically with people in the community at difficult stages or periods in their lives, and she has also had extensive experience working with individuals or organisations who sought to maximise their potential through coaching, peak performance programmes and training.

Apart from teaching and training in various strands of Psychology at the University of Malta, Trinity College Dublin and Marino College Dublin, she has worked extensively in the area of professional development, facilitating transformational change in managers and leaders of all levels. Cher has also worked as a consultant with a number of local NGO’s, as well as governmental and private entities; having been primarily responsible for developing people, leading projects, developing training packages and facilitating training; as well as offering ongoing supervision, coaching, psychological interventions and workshops.

Cher considers herself a change-catalyst; be it through psycho-educational, psychological or therapeutic modalities. She is a warm, approachable, dedicated, sharp and resourceful professional, making for easy conversations at all levels, through a plethora of interventions and techniques she has acquired through her years of bringing the best out of people. She is predominantly interested in driving people to unlock their full potential, to increase self- awareness and to overcome impasses and obstacles. She can be a trusted thinking/ feeling companion, on any personal and professional life journey one chooses to pursue.

Cher has a B.Psy (Hons) in Psychology, training in Executive Coaching, BCIA Diadatic Training in Neurofeedback (London), and a Masters in Psychology from Trinity College Dublin, where she graduated with an overall commendation. She is also a registered Supervisor (of counselling, therapeutic and psychotherapeutic work). 

Cher is also the Managing Founder of Polaris Consultancy, an Organisational Development Firm, specialising in Employee training and well-being.

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