events | 30 October 2020

Selecting Strategies that Create Shareholder Value

Participants will embark on a journey into business valuation, where the focus is not on merely arriving at an amount but identifying what drives value and what drags may be keeping it back. Business valuations will thus be used as a tool to help in the search for shareholder value.

Course Description: 

The session will comprise:
– A synthesised module on business valuation approaches and principles;
– Augmented with the sharing of a wealth of practical experiences on value drivers and drags.

The above shall be designed to increase the participant’s awareness on such matters with a view to helping one think through how these could apply to one’s own business.

Target Audience:

This series is designed for senior executives responsible for steering the future direction of their organisation.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this session, participants will be equipped to produce informed responses to these questions;

– How does one value a business?
– What drives value and what could drag it back?
– How do alternative strategies affect value?
– Which strategy is most likely to create the greatest value?
– Do any of the operating units have sufficient value-creation potential to warrant additional capital?
– Which units have limited potential and therefore should be candidates for restructuring or divestiture?
– What mix of investments in operating units is likely to produce the most overall value?
– What is the long term return one should be expecting as a shareholder?

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