events | 02 November 2020

Performance and Setting a Performance Culture

It is well documented that performance management is the HR process that managers and employees like least. There is generally a reluctance to speak about performance and achievement, in view of the need to speak about areas for improvement, and to draw comparisons between team members. At the same time, a strong performance culture, can be an important contributor towards organizational achievement and bottom line.

Managing the performance of businesses, teams, and individuals demands a methodical approach to creating a performance culture. While leadership and discipline are key components of that strategy, they are not the only ones. There is the need for a strategy for altering organisational behaviour and, eventually, establishing, promoting, and maintaining a high-performance culture.

The following topics will be covered during the webinar:

  • Defining a performance culture.
  • Linking competencies, competency-based hiring, job roles, training and performance management.
  • Understanding measurement and metrics.
  • Playing on strengths

Who should attend?

Managers, Human Resource Professionals, Recruiters, and Supervisors.

Cooperation Partners
  • Malta Employers' Associations
  • Malta Association of Credit Management