events | 01 February 2021

Microsoft Excel for Professionals: An Introduction to Formulas and Functionalities

The course delves into the various formulas and functionalities of Microsoft Excel through an interactive hands-on workshop.  

Course Description:

Participants will be introduced to the application and use of formulae and functions that provide the basis for spreadsheet model building in a business context.

To ensure participants are given a high level of attention this course will take a maximum of 15 attendees and will be delivered by 2 experienced practitioners.

Course Outline:

– Data formatting: including conditional formatting and the use of data styles;
– Date-related Functions: EoMonth, EDate, YearFrac
– Increasing effectiveness of working with data through the use of Lookup Functions: VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, Match, Index, Choose
– Using formulas and logical functions: Min, Max, Med, Average, Sum, Sumif, Sumifs, Sumproduct, Count, CountIf, Subtotal, and other logical functions (IF, OR, AND, NOT)
– Data analysis and handling: using Pivot Tables, Data Filters, Data Sorting, Charts

Target Audience:  This course is designed for professionals in business whose roles requires the frequent use of Excel (financial controllers, accounts clerks, etc.)

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this module participants would be able to identify and apply the most appropriate and effective Excel formulas and functionalities to address specific action and requirements, and would be able to apply these new skills to deliver Excel-related work in a more proficient manner.  Participants would have mastered the use of the Lookup functions, various logical functions and would be able to perform advanced formatting functions.  Participants would also be able to develop different methods of analysing and working with data as well as presenting data through the use of tables and charts.

Pre-Requisites:  A working knowledge of Microsoft Excel is recommended.

Dates & Time:

18/05/2021, 09:00 – 12.15 (incl. 15 mins break)

19/05/2021, 09:00 – 12.15 (incl. 15 mins break)

Venue:Live online session  – details of how to join the meeting will be sent once registration is complete

Fee: €190

CPE Hours: This course qualifies for 6 hours of Structured CPE which can be classified as Professional Competency.  A certificate of attendance will be provided at the end of each session.

Kindly note that 10 KPMG Loyalty Rewards will be awarded to the first 10 bookings. After collecting 60 Loyalty Rewards, attendees will be entitled to a free CPE session of their choosing. Visit our Loyalty Rewards page to learn more.

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