events | 06 November 2020

Level 3 Award in Food & Beverage Supervision

The purpose of such a training programme is to upgrade employees currently working in lower levels of food & beverage operations and provide them with the skills  and understanding of carrying out the roles and responsibilities as a supervisor

The Award provides learner with the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out supervision in different food service environments. Learners should understand a range of different service styles such as table service, silver service, carvery/buffet, self-service and specialist food service i.e. gueridon.

The programme encourages learners to develop strong, communication, operational and leadership skills. An important aspect of food and beverage service is that learners will need to have confidence, excellent technical, communication and presentation skills but also a comprehensive knowledge of the service and of the food and beverage items being prepared and sold.

In their primary role, food and beverage supervisors oversee food planning and preparation for restaurants, hotels, and resorts. Food and beverage supervisors create menus, oversee food and beverage inventories, manage cooking staff, and choose a range of beverages to be served at their establishment. They ensure adherence to food safety and alcoholic beverage regulations. Food and beverage supervisors might also inspect kitchen equipment and address any customer complaints or concerns regarding food preparation and menu offerings.

Cooperation Partners
  • Malta Association of Credit Management
  • Malta Employers' Associations