events | 21 October 2020

International Tax Updates

During this session we will discuss the salient updates from the international tax arena, concentrating both on EU initiatives and beyond.

Course Description:

Our discussion will start off with the highly topical Mandatory Disclosure Rules, affecting all intermediaries (including lawyers, accountants, advisors and other CSPs) that are in one way or another assisting in cross-border arrangements. We will briefly outline the new obligations arising from DAC6, discuss the most relevant hallmarks and touch upon the important deadlines.

We will then concentrate on the EU’s Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive and the rules that have entered into effect both in January 2019 and in January 2020, discussing practical examples and highlighting the key risks and implications for the Maltese tax scenario.

Subsequently, we will zoom in on the Principal Purpose Test that has been introduced through the multilateral instrument and which will impinge upon the great majority of tax treaties by introducing an additional layer that should be tested whenever treaty benefits are being claimed. Finally, our panel will discuss the OECD and EU initiatives with respect to the digital economy, the progress so far and what we expect to see in the near future in this space.

Target Audience:

The session is aimed at corporate service providers, law firms, sole practitioners and other professionals that are interested in the fast-paced international tax field and that are involved in structures that may be affected by the new rules.

Learning Outcomes:

This session is aimed at equipping the attendees with a brief overview of the 4 identified fields within the international tax arena in order to enable them to identify issues that may require further detailed analysis.

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