events | 30 October 2020

Innovation to Results

Charting the course of achieving the organisation’s strategic plan and crafting objectives aligned to this, allows organisations to crack the code for effective execution of strategy.

Course Description: 

Organisations measuring strategy metrics linked to performance differentiators, respond in a measured manner to variances in performance and swiftly realign with the trajectory requirements of new pockets of opportunities. Close monitoring and calibration of targets helps improve strategy execution effectiveness.

The 5 key areas which will be covered in this session are;

1) Charting the strategic objectives

2) Translating the strategic objectives into organisational KPIs

3) Translating the strategic objectives into functional KPIs

4) Cascading the objectives in individual and team goals

5) Calibrating objectives to strategic intent

Target Audience:

This series is designed for senior executives responsible for steering the future direction of their organisation.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the session, participants would be better equipped to measure the impact of specific strategies on their performance.

Kindly note that this session entitles the attendee to 4 KPMG Loyalty Rewards. After collecting 60 Loyalty Rewards, attendees will be entitled to a free CPE session of their choosing. Visit our Loyalty Rewards page to learn more.

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