events | 29 October 2020

Incentive Schemes for Maltese Companies

Maltese companies may benefit from various incentive schemes which are aimed to incentivise them to undertake investments of various kinds, be it for the growth of the enterprise, diversification, research and development projects and the provision of training programmes to employees amongst others.

Course Description:

This session will provide an overview of the main incentive schemes applicable to Maltese companies which are available through the Malta Enterprise as well as EU funding. This includes an overview of the eligibility criteria for companies to be able to benefit from such schemes and the main concepts to determine the amount of aid which may be provided through such schemes.

Target Audience:

The session is aimed at people working in industry and other professionals who are interested in familiarising themselves with the opportunities available by means of incentive schemes for Maltese companies and to be able to identify opportunities to avail of such schemes.

Learning Outcomes:

This session intends to provide the attendees with an overview of the main incentive schemes available to Maltese companies, therefore enabling them to identify opportunities in light of the eligibility criteria.

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Cooperation Partners
  • Malta Association of Credit Management
  • Malta Employers' Associations