events | 22 December 2020

IFSP Conference 2022: Revitalising Financial Services – Mapping a Sustainable Path for Malta

Join the IFSP conference on 7 April at the Xara Lodge or online. This year the IFSP will be looking at some of the hottest issues facing practitioners at the moment, starting with an assessment of the size of the financial services sector and its crucial importance to the Maltese Economy.

We shall also be tackling the many challenges the sector faces, from AML requirements, the challenges of recent tax developments such as the OECD’s pillar 2 initiative and the proposed ATAD 3, and how we can reinstate Malta’s reputation as a reliable international financial centre.

This will be a hybrid conference but participants are encouraged to join us physically at the Xara Lodge. An online option will be available for people who are unable to get away or prefer to avoid large gatherings. The registration fee is the same for both options.

Format: Hybrid Conference – Both Physical and Online

Venues: Xara Lodge and Zoom

This year’s conference with the theme ‘Revitalising Financial Services – Mapping a Sustainable Path for Malta’ should see the participation of various keynote speakers from the political sphere, the MFSA, MBR and FIAU as well as some of Malta’s most innovative practitioners in the financial services industry.

Cooperation Partners
  • Malta Employers' Associations
  • Malta Association of Credit Management