events | 17 November 2020

Efficient Payment Solutions to ensure sound cash flow

This webinar will address challenges faced by the Maltese business community when using current payment instruments, such as cash, cheques, credit transfers, and direct debit. Innovative payment instruments that have been recently developed for use in business transactions will also be discussed.

The current payments landscape provides businesses with various instruments for effecting and receiving payments, however cash and cheques are the most common means in B2B and B2C payments. 

An efficient payment landscape is required in today’s commercial world. In business transactions, payment transfers need to be effected accurately, timely and securely. 

Furthermore the evolving scenario in digital transformation and e-commerce drives the growth for B2B and B2C payments. 

This webinar intends to address the challenges that businesses face in their day to day operations when receiving and effecting payments. Furthermore modern payment instruments that have been recently developed and which can assist businesses with their cash flow will be explained. 

Presentation by Charles Saliba - Central Bank of Malta

Charles Saliba has been employed by the Central Bank of Malta for the past 39 years and is a graduate from Henley Management College 

Throughout his career at the Bank he has worked in various areas and was also actively involved in the euro changeover process. 

Lately he has been assigned the responsibility of Manager at Regulation and Oversight office, responsible to promote the smooth operation of payment systems and to act as catalyst to move the local payments market towards integration by developing policies, collaborating with stakeholders and fostering innovation. 

Cooperation Partners
  • Malta Association of Credit Management
  • Malta Employers' Associations