events | 04 November 2020

ECDL Base Module Computer Essentials

To apply for this course, you should be 16 years of age or older and ideally hold at least an ‘O’ Level standard of education in order to allow you to follow terminology and course notes with greater facility.

This course is of 12 hours duration and consists of one Module - (including 0.75-hour assessment)

Module 1 - Base Computer Essentials

  • Introduction to ICT
  • Hardware 
  • Software and Licensing
  • Start Up, Shut Down
  • Introduction to Desktop and Icons
  • Using Windows
  • Tools and Settings
  • Working with Text
  • Printing
  • Introduction to Files and Folders
  • Organising Files and Folders
  • Storage and Compression
  • Network Concepts
  • Network Access
  • Protecting Data and Devices
  • Malware
  • Health and Green IT

Cooperation Partners
  • Malta Employers' Associations
  • Malta Association of Credit Management