events | 30 April 2021

Cheque Payments – What is changing?

A unique opportunity for MACM Members to learn and discuss changes to regulations when issuing and receiving payments by cheque!

Despite huge investment in electronic payments, cheques are still widely used in Malta, especially in B2B transactions.

When cheques are drawn, the drawer needs to know the obligations and responsibilities of writing cheques and upon acceptance, the payee also needs to ensure that cheques are issued according to the banking practices and regulations.

The Central Bank of Malta will be issuing a Directive to regulate the use of cheques and bank drafts.

But what are these changes and what impact will these changes have (if any) on cheque payments in the day-to-day business and commerce?

This informative Webinar will discuss how these changes will, in particular, effect the issuers and receivers of cheques.

Speaker: Gianella Azzopardi Gianella Azzopardi is a Senior Officer at the Regulation and Oversight office at the Central Bank of Malta. She joined the Bank in 2013 following the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at the University of Malta and has been working within the Payments and Banking Department ever since. Gianella also completed a Master of Science Degree in Finance at the University of London. She actively contributes to a number of initiatives relating to the payments industry mainly through overseeing financial market infrastructures as well as regulating and analysing payment services and instruments. Additionally, Gianella participates in a number of European Fora on payments including Payment Systems Oversight Work Group and the Securities and Collateral Policy Working Group.

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