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Award in Leading People at the Workplace

The Malta Employers' Association and New Horizons (Institute for Work Competencies) are collaborating whereby New Horizons (Institute for Work Competencies) is awarding an Award in Leading People at the Workplace, starting in February 2021.

The Malta Employers' Association and New Horizons (Institute for Work Competencies) are collaborating whereby New Horizons (Institute for Work Competencies) is awarding an Award in Leading People at the Workplace, starting in February 2021.  


Organisations today face the challenge of increasing competition coupled with increasingly demanding and knowledgeable customers. Delivering outstanding levels of customer service depends on the quality of the product produced and the competence of front line workers and the leaders who manage them. Operational pressures, coupled with scheduling and sometimes budgetary constraints, often mean that several months may pass before the critical persons in management positions receive any focused management training. In case of newly promoted persons, they are often needed to start work yesterday and again training is put on the back burner. 

Aware of this reality, this programme focuses on the essential skills and competencies needed for effective leadership by line managers and supervisors at work.


The line managers and supervisors as well as prospective new leaders are the backbone of the organisation in terms of quality of the service and the transfer of knowledge, skills and attitudes to the employees. Therefore investment in this important tier of management is critical for the success of any business. This 84-hour training programme covers the major issues for this category of individuals and gives them a sound understanding of the basic functions of management and how the various constituent parts tie in together for effective leadership. They will also acquire the basic skills of coaching and therefore the most important tool to develop the competences of the employees across the organisation. Following the programme, the organisation should expect its delegate/s to be familiar with the big picture of the organisation and the business environment that it operates in, able to reflect better on their work and identify areas for improvement, analyse and explore options for solutions while having the skills to take the appropriate action for change.


The course is an MQF Level 5 Award accredited by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education. The mode of training is entirely interactive where discussions and peer to peer learning features prominently in the workshops. In addition delegate shall engage in exercises that help them discover their own perceptions about people management issues while developing their skills to respond effectively and professionally. The delegate shall expect to understand the wider implications of leading people, practice management skills with confidence and enjoy the success that effective teams inevitably achieve.


The programme is conducted by a professional trainer and specialist in Human Resource Management and Development with over 30 years of experience in leading organisations in both the public and private sectors. The mode of training is interactive with time for discussion and sharing of experience, analysis of work related video clips and an array of exercises that help the delegate discover his or her strengths and weakness. Moreover identify areas for improvement and plan action for change.


There are no written assignments but a system of recording on a diary and or journal where the delegate reflects and documents the learning made and how he or she applied it in practice at work. The assessment is about helping the individual develop the skills to do things in practice as opposed to know about things. The supervisor or the manager of the delegate shall also have a role in observing the delegate and assist in the learning. 


Individuals who are already in supervisory or management positions and / or identified for such positions in the course of the next 12 months. They need to have the ability to read and write in the Maltese and / or English languages. Access to an on-line platform is necessary


€1,850 per person Participants can apply for EU funding under the Investing in Skills Scheme and/or Training Pay Scheme managed by JobsPlus and/or under the Get Qualified Scheme managed by the Ministry for Education.

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