events | 02 November 2020

An Effective Employee Handbook

Employees often require guidance from human resources representatives on various matters relating to behaviour, entitlements, or even company procedures. An employee handbook is therefore a crucial tool which any skill-savvy HR representative should ensure to have in place.

This webinar will guide you through what should and should not be included in your employee handbook and how to protect your organization from employment litigation and costly legal fees through regular updates.

You will have an opportunity to ask questions re your own handbook or discuss creating one.

During this webinar particpants will understand what to include and what not to include in the handbook and will also be taken through essential topics and policies. The trainers will also provide legal guidelines and helpful tips and tricks.

You will be taken through more detail on the must have policies and will be guided through what should be included in such polices and procedures. Participants will also be exposed to policies and procedures which fulfil your compliance obligations, for example those dealing with data protection, including but not limited to the Privacy Standard and Employee Privacy Notice.

Who should attend?

Managers and Human Resource Professionals.

Cooperation Partners
  • Malta Employers' Associations
  • Malta Association of Credit Management