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AML Roundtable XVII 2021-2022

2020 will go on record as being one of the most eventful years of all our life. Not only were we (and continue to be) plagued by the pandemic, which has turned our lives upside down, but our country has seen unprecedented activity in the AML/CFT space at various levels: penalties, enforcement measures, increased and more intense supervision, regulation, a surge in demand for talent (which exists in limited supply)…. The list goes on.

Against this backdrop, the need for the AML Roundtable becomes even more acute as a forum where ideas can be exchanged and new and emerging topics debated. It is with this mind that we are approaching you to join the next KPMG AML Roundtable series for 2021/2022. As we debrief and take stock of the last series, we are proud to note that the Roundtable is now in its seventeenth year. The team is already working on the content for the first session, which should be happening close to the end of June. While some content may be obvious such as for example a discussion on the outcome and implications of the FATF plenary later on this year, our intention is to move away from mainstream AML topics such as generic CDD obligations but we aim the content to be focussed and specific to the needs of our attendees, and intended to address nebulous areas which typically are not discussed in standard training fora.

We also hope to bring a diverse group of speakers, ranging from the wider KPMG network to the regulators, complementing our seasoned speakers from the KPMG Malta office. Given the current persisting restrictions we are planning to hold the first session virtually, but we will be seeking your views, at a later date, if the preference is for the forum to be held virtually or face-to-face (provided restrictions are lifted and this can be accommodated). Clearly there are pros and cons with both alternatives but, at the end of the day, we will go with the decision of the majority.

The organising team believe that AML/CFT developments will continue unabated during this current year and the forum aims to address a niche in the market where specialised personnel come together for in-depth discussions on these developments as they occur.

We look forward to your support of this initiative and we hope to be able to meet you, albeit virtually, soon, in a couple of months’ time.

– Alex Azzopardi, Director, Risk Consulting Advisory, KPMG in Malta

– Juanita Bencini, Consultant, KPMG in Malta

Venue: Virtual Web session (face-to-face where possible)

Format: Sessions run from 8.30am to around 12.30pm and consist of a series of presentations by expert speakers from KPMG, the Regulator and members of the financial services community. Based on feedback we obtained from previous sessions, we believe that attendees benefit most from interactive group discussions through Q&A sessions and case studies.

Frequency: Once every four months.

Commencement Date: The first Roundtable in this Seventeenth Series will be held on 1 July 2021 and every four months thereafter.

Fee: Participation fee is Eur450* per annum. The subscription is not personal and registered entities may be represented by a different delegate during each of the three sessions in any one series. Relevant KPMG publications on AML and the financial services industry will also be made available.

*KPMG Learning Academy is exempt from VAT in terms of item 12 (1) of Part Two of the Fifth Schedule to the VAT Act.

For group bookings, please complete and submit the registration form (alternatively, you may download the form and send it to For individual bookings, click on the ‘Buy Course’ button further above.



Check out the Agenda for the first session of the AML Roundtable XVII 2021-2022.

Matthew Congreve

Matt Congreve

Matthew Congreve is a Financial Crime, Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) professional working as a Senior Manager in KPMG’s UK Forensic  practice. He specialises in the investigation, detection and prevention of financial crime. He holds an economics degree and is an accredited counter fraud  specialist.

Matthew has spent 14 years focusing on financial crime compliance work including regulatory assurance, large remediation programmes and target operating  model implementations. He is an excellent team leader experienced in managing cross-border, multi-disciplinary teams of varying sizes.

Kristina Dougall

kristina dougall

Kristina Dougall joined the FIAU in 2015 as a Compliance Officer within the Supervision Section. Through the years, she has been actively involved in the supervision of subject persons from an AML/CFT perspective, including credit and financial institutions and DNFBPs. Kristina obtained a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) degree in Banking and Finance and furthered her academic studies by achieving a Master of Science in Financial Management with Edinburgh Business School.

Kristina currently manages the Risk team within the Supervision Section. This section is responsible for coordinating the risk assessment process through the collections, assessment, and implementation of risk data.

Matha Mallia Pawley

Martha Mallia Pawley

Martha joined the FIAU in March 2020. Prior to joining the FIAU, Martha had worked with local AML/CFT consultants whereby she assisted with the carrying out of business risk assessments, reviews of AML/CFT policies and procedures and client file reviews for multiple entities.

Martha currently works within the Enforcement Section of the FIAU. The Enforcement Section is responsible for the proper application of administrative measures imposed on Subject Persons by the Compliance Monitoring Committee and of following up on remedial action plans prepared by Subject Persons as part of Directives to take remedial measures issued, to ensure compliance with AML/CFT legislative provisions.

Ms. Mallia Pawley graduated from the University of Malta with a Bachelor of Psychology Honours degree. She has also successfully completed the ICA International Diploma in AML.

Juanita Bencini

Juanita Bencini is an ex-KPMG partner where for 17 years she headed the Risk Consulting Advisory practice. She has extensive experience in all sectors of the financial services industry with a particular focus on AML, built up over several years of assisting clients with their AML concerns. Today, she works as a consultant to KPMG and is a professional director on boards of regulated entities. She acts as Chair of the AML Committee of the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners. She lectures on Prevention of Money Laundering Act at the University of Malta and is often asked to present on the topic, both locally and abroad.

Alex Azzopardi

Alex is a Director, Risk Consulting Advisory, KPMG in Malta, and leads the Internal Audit Risk & Compliance Services (IARCS) business line of the KPMG Islands Group sub-region within the network. Alex, an accountant by profession with 15 years of experience, has managed and led various AML-related advisory engagements over the past years. The AML/CFT Advisory offering includes a full suite of services in the field: reviews of policies and procedures, testing of AML-related procedures and gap analyses. Alex leads a team of highly-specialised professionals with experience across the spectrum of subject persons and relevant activities. Alex also provides compliance-related training sessions, including AML/CFT. He is the current Chairman of the Malta Forum for Internal Auditors.

Ariane Azzopardi

Ariane Azzopardi is a Director within the Quality and Risk Management function. She has over fifteen years’ experience in this field and is the delegate of the Risk Management Partner at KPMG in Malta. She is involved in the implementation and monitoring compliance with quality and risk management policies and procedures in KPMG in Malta also handling compliance and risk management queries, including those related to the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (PMLFT) and ethics and independence. She delivers sessions on PMLFT at the KPMG roundtable and also at various other seminars and conferences.

Ariane is a co-chair of the PMLFT sub-committee at the Malta Institute of Accountants and a committee member of the PMLFT sub-committee at the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners.

Deborah Cassar

Deborah is a Senior Manager, Risk Consulting Advisory – AML Services, at KPMG Malta. Deborah has over ten years’ experience within the Financial Services sector, worked for over two years with the FIAU, and has over eleven years experience within the AML/CFT field. She has worked extensively in the area of AML/CFT compliance – performing Compliance reviews, as well as assisting subject persons to establish appropriate AML/CFT internal structures. She is a recognised and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and is currently reading the Advanced CAMS in Risk Management (CAMS-RM). Deborah is an active member with the Association of Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (“ACAMS”) and is also a Co-Founder & Vice-Chair of the ACAMS Malta Chapter.

Katia Satariano

Katia Satariano

Katia is a Senior Manager within the Quality and Risk Management function at KPMG Malta and has over ten years’ experience working in anti-money laundering,  both in Malta and in the United Kingdom. Prior to working with KPMG, Katia had various work experiences as a consultant within the field as well as working as a  senior compliance officer with the FIAU, primarily carrying out onsite compliance examinations on various types of subject persons as well as carrying out a country  evaluation with MONEYVAL for Lithuania. Katia has also obtained her ICA Advanced Certificate in AML.

Alexia Anastasi

Alexia Anastasi

Alexia has 6 years of full-time experience as a Business Analyst. She joined KPMG Crimsonwing in 2012 specialising on ERP and BI implementations. She then  moved to KPMG Software in 2019 and is currently focusing on the design and implementation of Business-Process Re-engineering (BPR) and Automation  projects. Throughout her career Alexia delivered projects and advised clients across various industries such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Banking and  Gaming, both locally and internationally, guiding the projects from the preliminary analysis stages to the final go-live stage.

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