events | 12 February 2021

20 Years of iGaming in Malta: Are We At a Crossroad?

Twenty years on from the introduction of the remote gaming in Malta we take stock of how of the industry developed, its contribution to Malta’s economy and what might lie ahead.

This event will be addressing the following key issues:

  • Malta’s iGaming licensing system now and in the future; 
  • Important developments in taxation; 
  • The impact on and contribution of the iGaming sector to other sectors of the Maltese economy; 
  • How iGaming has contributed to a rise in entrepreneurship in Malta and fueled the growth of the digital economy; 
  • Important considerations on anti-money laundering and how Malta should continue to tackle these issues in the iGaming sector going forward.

The event will also include a networking session for attendees.  

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Cooperation Partners
  • Malta Employers' Associations
  • Malta Association of Credit Management